Owning the English Language

Mark Luckinbill

Real Estate or Rubbish?

Ever since I discovered how to buy a domain name, I’ve found myself purchasing a handful a year.

It started with buying my first username on the internet “markluck.” My first username/password enabled website only allowed 8 characters for both the username and the password. To this day, I also remember my first password for the internet. From there, it seemed wise to purchase the domain names of my family as well as my address and other “personal” pieces of my life.

Since then, domain name buying has been a regular activity for me. Often when I think of a business idea or a new product feature, I buy the domain name. That has led me to the following, which are just a few examples of what may appear, to some, to be a form of addiction.

This is not an all-inclusive list. 

Looking to buy one of these or get help setting up your own domain name and website? Contact me and I’ll get you set up with your personal or business placeholder website, usually the same day.