The 2024 Tour de Cure 100 Mile Route

Life begins at 64 ...

and gets most interesting at 90

On May 18th, many of us will be embarking upon a 100 mile cycling “tour” of South Central NC. 

If you are like me, you think of central North Carolina as flats and rolling hills. Don’t be like me.

On April 4th, 2024, three seasoned cyclist friends geared up on a windy, cool day and headed out to tackle the final 40 miles of the 100 mile 2024 Tour de Cure route. What we discovered is that this tour doesn’t begin at the start line, nor anywhere in the first half. This tour begins at mile 64. Until then, a very modest (or even minimal) effort is recommended on the net-downhill first 60-ish miles of rolling hills, which will provide more than just a mere warm-up, even for the most solid of cyclists.

Upon reaching mile 64, the net uphill return to Asheboro begins. While there are no spectacular verts (up or down) in the first 30 miles of the last 38, there is not much that can be defined as flat. The advice here is to keep “touring” and only take it up a notch if you’re feeling exceptionally strong and have banked a lot of base miles this year.

Somewhere soon, you’ll catch an opportunity to take a data-peek. You’ll see only 20 miles left, often a cause for celebration. At this point your mind will begin to tell you you’re in the “home stretch.” In miles, you are. In effort, no way. This final 20% of the mileage will likely require 50% of your overall effort.

At mile 90, you’ll arrive at Flint Hill Road, which turns into Caraway Road. The road owes its name to  Caraway Mountain, which it ascends by sending you up 275’ of vert in under 1.5 miles (we saw 11% max grade). Nothing to fear, but also nothing to take lightly. Settle in and turn the cranks steadily on the way up.

As you summit Caraway Mountain, your seemingly astute but perhaps slightly-dulled brain will be shouting “what goes up must come down.” But somehow that age old saying won’t ring true today. While you will get a very short downhill reprieve, the final four miles of this course deliver two back to back sharp hills (the first of the two not completely unlike Caraway) bundled in a net uphill of 370’. Patience in these final few miles is not only recommended, it is demanded. 

Right up to the glorious finish, you’ll be fighting the last remnants of uphill grade – a la finishing on Alpe D Huez. Finally, you’ll cross the finish, take a deep breath, and you’ll remind yourself that the pain of this finish is exactly why we do what we do.

Good luck and ride safely. 

– Katie, John and Mark

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