Financial Professionals Needed! Serve the Financial Needs of America’s Educator


Public school teachers, administrators and support professionals perform one of America’s most important roles – educating our children. Yet many are neglecting to invest adequately to protect their own future.

Financial professionals often don’t know how to acess and begin working with these teachers, administrators and support personnel. Despite what many think, public school 403(b) plans are non-ERISA retirement plan that act, in many ways, much more like a payroll deduct IRA than a 401(k). There are hundreds of 403(b) recordkeepers, mutual fund companies and annuity providers already approved in thousands of school districts across the USA. Many of these providers offer their 403(b)s through independent, qualified financial professionals like you.

We’ve created this ten page Public K-12 403(b) Overview to help you decide if you’d like to begin working with public education teachers, administrators and support staff. Download the overview and see if the time is right for you.

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