A single 403(b) provider in every Public School plan?

Of course not...yet.

Provider consolidation, and even single provider plans, are beginning to become commonplace in Public School 403(b) plans. Learn how you can remain or become an integral part of the future of 403(b) plans.

How 403(b) Plans SHOULD Change

Be the advisor or company who leads the charge in helping school districts consolidate and eliminate providers. If you don't do it, somebody else will.

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Why is 403(b) Changing?

Pension Plan Problems

Pension Plans are under siege. Even with years of positive returns for the underlying funds, longevity and tax burdens are causing states to "defund" the Retirement Systems these employees rely upon. Statistics say 64% of states have made changes to their pension plans that have resulted in less benefit to new hires.

Changing Demographics

Pension plans were great for employees who vested and stayed for 10, 20 or 30 years. Today's public education employee is often more mobile, and looking for career and benefits options. The 403(b) offers them a flexible retirement option they can take with them.

Poor User Experience

Seriously. Don't you find it absurd that enrolling in a 403(b) can have six steps, seven signatures, fourteen pages to review, and require three different platforms to manage the different aspects of a retirement plan? Better technology has arrived, we're just not seeing it yet.


Whether it's the federal or state government, the popular press, or grass-roots organizations, negative sentiment is growing around public education 403(b). An epic lack of transparency, opaque products, untoward sales practices and unlicensed "agents" are preying on teachers and school staff.

Here's what you can do

Build a Unique Brand

To a busy teacher or school support professional, advisors can all look the same, especially if they represent a 403(b) provider. Consider creating an online presence and your own unique differentiators.

Build the Right Relationships

Get to know the School Business Official, the Superintendent, Principals and HR office staff. These are the people who decide which providers come and which go when the time comes.

Share Your Voice

Build a newsletter for your clients. If you are sending your company's or b/d's stuff, STOP. You have to have your own unique voice, and share it regularly with clients and potential clients.

Support Auto-Enroll

There is no disputing the power and success of auto-enroll. Be the advisor or firm who works hard to figure out ways to introduce auto-enroll into your state or school district.

What next?

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